StagedWorks will create trendy, current interiors designed to attract your targeted home buyer. We offer competitive pricing and provide lease or purchase options to suit your budget.

We offer short term or long term leases. We also provide the option to move your model from one community to another. We can assure you of both top rate service and merchandising expertise from the initial conception of blueprints, through the final home sale in your community.

• Preliminary Consultation to Identify Target Market and Evaluate Blueprints

• Space Planning & Furniture Layout

• Interior/Exterior Selections incl. Lighting, Appliances, Flooring

• In House Ordering, Expediting, Receiving, and Delivery of all Merchandise for the Project

• On Site Construction Walk-Thru

• One Day Installation of Furnishings, Artwork & Accessories

• Post Installation Walk-Thru with Builder Representative

Homeowners, Realtors® and real estate investors partner with StagedWorks to make their home stand out from their competition. They want to receive asking price and to sell quickly. In order to achieve these goals, StagedWorks creates the lifestyle of that targeted buyer for that home.

When you show the home in the way the “buyer” envisions it, versus how the “seller” envisions it, you are now marketing and attracting more buyers, more offers, a quicker sale.

Staging is about marketing your investment to the largest number of buyers as possible.

StagedWorks has a complete in-house inventory of current trendy furnishings and décor that are ready to be brought to your home. We specialize in home staging for vacant properties and décor packages for occupied homes.

Home Consultations are for the home sellers that need advice on how to show their home to the buying public. We have a proven system of where to begin, what to focus on and how to make this whole process streamlined and stress-free.

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